Kastrati Jewellery was established in September 1995 to bring the unique experience of first precious jewellery and luxury in Albania. Opening a gold jewellery shop in the most luxurious part of Tirana was an important step in creating a prestigious and well-known name like Jewellery cranberries.

In 1998, Kastrati Jewellery enriches business focus and luxury products offered by opening a second store in one of the most important avenues of Tirana, Durres Street. The business growth coincides with the arrival for the first time in Albania, the known firms nationwide in designing and creating precious jewellery.

In the period 2004 to 2012, Kastrati Jewellery has become the most worthy representative of prestigious firms as Damiani, ROBERTO COIN, CRIVELLI, ANNA MARIA CAMMILLI, SALVINI.

"In Kastrati Jewellery we are proud to guarantee the safety reputation of precious jewellery of the highest quality."

Kastrati Jewellery